Your Quick Guide for Biking Adventures in Colorado

Spanning from the Front Range to the Western Slope, Colorado offers an array of exceptional bike trails catering to various preferences and skill levels.

One notable route is the Colorado 14ers Loop which stretches 285 miles and encompasses a blend of singletrack paths, dirt roads, and mountain ascents. Whether you’re on a city bike, hybrid, or mountain bike, there are trails suitable for every type of rider.

These trails are found in state parks, city parks, county parks, and even former ski resorts that transform into downhill mountain bike havens during the summer months.

The prime season for mountain biking in Colorado extends from May through October, providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the diverse landscapes on two wheels.

Biking in the State

Mountain biking is a beloved activity among the citizens of Colorado. This not only offers them exhilarating trails but also breathtaking aerial vistas from the uphill climbs.

The best part is that these trails can be discovered within local parks as well as on federal lands like national forests and BLM areas. The majority of mountain bike trails are open for public use at no cost.

Meanwhile, for those seeking paved trails suitable for city and hybrid bikes, Colorado also has a wealth of options. Many towns provide dedicated paths for bikes, often shared with pedestrians. Larger cities like Denver have implemented bike lanes to accommodate cyclists.

If you’re a tourist, it’s worth noting that renting bikes is convenient in most major cities and tourist destinations. For instance, Denver boasts over eighty B-Cycle stations situated across various neighborhoods, making bike rentals easily accessible for exploring the city and beyond.

When you’re in the state, you want to explore the plethora of local trails available for biking within city and county parks. Ride alongside incredible landmarks within national parks and monuments, adding an extra layer of awe to your biking experience.

Additionally, many state parks provide a diverse range of bike trails that cater to various preferences and settings.

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