Boating Adventure in the Centennial State

Colorado offers an array of opportunities for sailing on its unspoiled waters, whether you possess a boat or not. Stretching from the eastern plains to the lofty alpine lakes, the state provides a diverse range of aquatic experiences.

The optimal boating season spans from May to October, aligning with the pleasant weather conditions of the region. The duration of the boating season is influenced by geographic factors, with southern locales and lower elevations offering extended periods of favorable conditions.

While certain places like Navajo Lake facilitate year-round boating, destinations like Grand Lake hold immense popularity. Referred to as the “Great Lakes of Colorado,” Grand Lake is surrounded by five interconnected lakes.

For those without their own vessels, boat rentals are readily available at major lakes and marinas. A selection of options, ranging from tranquil canoes and rowboats to spacious pontoons and high-speed boats, can be rented for daily or multi-day periods, enabling everyone to revel in Colorado’s aquatic offerings.

Options to Choose From

It’s worth noting that certain lakes only allow certain types of boats to enter.

Areas like Bear Creek Lake Park, Barr Lake State Park, and Chatfield State Park only allow gas-powered motorized boats to access.

Meanwhile, areas like the Aurora Reservoir, Electra Lake, and Dumont Lake only grant access to electric-only motorized boats. Lastly, areas like Alta Lake and Buckeye Reservoir only allow non-motorized boating in the form of kayaks, canoes, and standup paddleboards.

This means that you have to plan which lakes you want to visit so you can decide which type of boat rental service to avail of.

That said, there are numerous city and state parks, along with federally owned land, that provide opportunities for boating in the numerous lakes and reservoirs scattered across the state.

These diverse settings cater to boating enthusiasts of all kinds, allowing them to explore Colorado’s waterways and enjoy the serene beauty of its natural landscapes.

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