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Trout Steak Revival at the Gothic Theatre

Trout Steak Revival

The college kid who maneuvered into a seat next to us was a fanatic for Trout Steak Revival. He was so pumped about the show, speaking at us a million miles a minute about how great the band was. His enthusiasm was sorta endearing.

Trout Steak Revival @ the Gothic Theatre
Trout Steak Revival @ the Gothic Theatre

Well…when Trout Steak Revival began playing, I totally understood why our new friend was so enamored with them. (Josh always makes friends at shows!) The band’s style of bluegrass is playful and beautiful. Each of the five members participate in the melodic storytelling. Trout Steak Revival is the product of an incredible collaboration of many talented musicians. And – the best part – Trout Steak Revival calls Colorado home. (River Arkansas – the opener – does too.)

Bevin Foley Plays with the Blood

I loved watching and listening to Bevin Foley. As Rodrigo De Souza would say, she “plays with the blood.” Foley puts it all out there – energy, dancing, and oh-so-much heart. Just watching her, you can feel the vibrations from her fiddle.

Fiddler Foley is a Colorado native.

Colorado’s Great Bluegrass Band

The college kid and I are not alone in our fandom. In 2014, Westword magazine referred to Trout Steak Revival as Colorado’s next great bluegrass band after they were finalists at Rockygrass in 2012 and won the 41st Telluride Bluegrass Band Competition.

Trout Steak Revival
Trout Steak Revival

The Gothic Theatre – Historic Denver Theater

We lucked out and got to see Trout Steak Revival take the stage at one of Colorado’s best venues – the Gothic Theatre. The theater was originally erected in 1929 and was built to show silent films. It was the first Denver theater to display “talkies” (movies with a soundtrack). The front of the building was significantly altered in the 1940s. Then it became a pornography theater. For years the Gothic Theatre was shuttered, but it reopened in the early 90’s. Then in 1998, much of the venue was renovated. Through all these changes, the interior of the Gothic has remained largely the same since its initial construction.

The Gothic Theatre (Public Domain, City of Englewood Public Library)
The Gothic Theatre (Public Domain, City of Englewood Public Library)

On June 23, 1999, the Rebirth Brass Band reopened the Gothic Theatre in electrifying fashion after its 1998 renovation. Since that time, the Gothic Theatre has hosted many noteworthy shows (some of our favorites have been Tool, The March Fourth Marching Band, and Lucero). Today, the Gothic Theatre is one of our absolute favorite indoor music venues in Colorado.

The Gothic is located in Englewood on South Broadway, one of Denver’s most historic streets. It has a capacity of just less than 1,000 and contains a full bar, a standing-room-only section, and a seated section. All tickets are general admission. The stage is 25 feet by 18 feet, with 19 feet of space from the stage to the lighting truss.

The Gothic Theatre| | 3263 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado 80113 | 303.789.9206

Also be sure to check out the full Gothic Theatre concert calendar.

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