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Welcome to Stella’s Coffee Haus on Denver’s South Pearl Street

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Stella's Coffee Haus Front Porch
Stella’s Coffee Haus Front Porch

I love the aroma of coffee. If I have a vice, the sweet, sweet nectar of the coffee bean most definitely has to be it! And Stella’s Coffee Haus has long been one of my favorite stops in Denver.

While the coffee is quite good, it’s really the atmosphere I enjoy the most. Stella’s occupies an old house on South Pearl Street with numerous rooms, nooks, and crannies. You can find the perfect space to sip a latte with a friend, work on a small group project, or just enjoy a book on your own.

Stella's Coffee Haus Coffee Bar
Stella’s Coffee Haus Coffee Bar

The no-frills bar near the entrance invites you in. The business cards draped on some of the walls can be somewhat mesmerizing. And Stella’s rotates the interior artwork from time to time to keep things fresh and highlight different artists.

If I can help it, however, I typically try to grab a spot outside on the front porch. Nothing compares to having a cup of Joe while enjoying Denver’s open air and blue skies. Besides, it’s sometimes just interesting to people watch.

“Stella’s Coffee is one of Denver’s most unique and welcoming independent coffee establishments. Open since 1991, Stella’s offers an eclectic atmosphere that can appeal to any coffee house goer.” – Stella’s Coffee Haus

Whether you go to enjoy Stella’s art, music, or coffee, you’ll find an embracing sense of community in this Platt Park Neighborhood gem.

Stella’s Coffee Haus | 1476 S Pearl St., Denver, Colorado 80210 | (303) 777-1031

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