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Revolution Brewing is Paonia’s Church of Beer

Revolution Brewing Paonia

Revolution Brewing is the church of beer! Well, sort of. The tasting room is, in fact, located in what used to be a small church on Grand Avenue in the charming Town of Paonia, Colorado. They brew their delicious pints, cans, and growlers of delightful cold micro-brew using local hops, local ingredients (Paonia is known for its incredible home-grown nourishments), and a whole lot of love.

“This brewery started without banks or borrowing. We reinvested our returns to make the brewery what it is today. The Revolution is Paonia-owned and operated and we plan to keep it that way.” – Revolution Brewing, Paonia

Revolution Brewing
Revolution Brewing

But the Revolution Brewing tasting room has so much more than just beer to offer. It is a melting-pint 🙂  of the eclectic local folks with some visitors mixed in throughout the year. Additional draws include live music, open mic night, local black welsh mountain sheep brats, and homemade chicken pot pies. Here and there, you might also find food trucks parked out back. This is a place where differences seem to disappear and lively conversations are sparked over lovely pints of Miner’s Gold, Colorado Red, SEIPA, Stout Old Friend, or Scottish Ale.

Peace, love, and beer – a Revolution indeed!

Paonia is located on the West Slope in the noteworthy North Fork Valley, which prominently features the North Fork of the Gunnison River. The area is amazingly beautiful, full of organic farms, and hosts some of Colorado’s foremost vineyards.

Revolution Brewing || 325 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO | (970) 462-5799

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Ashley Trego

Ashley lives on the Western Slope of Colorado in the small mountain town of Paonia. She has had a long running love affair with eating and drinking that shows no sign of slowing as time goes by. Ashley has been a freelance food and spirit writer for over twenty years and is excited to share her gastronomic adventures with you!

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