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Pepe Osaka’s Fish Taco Tequila Bar and Grill in WP

Pepe Osaka's Fish Taco

We went to Pepe Osaka’s Fish Taco in Winter Park expecting a quick street taco joint but were pleasantly surprised by what we found instead: a dark but vibrant sit-down restaurant with a menu full of Mexican-Asian delights. Ahi poke ceviche tacos, yes please!

Pepe Osaka's Margarita Azul
Pepe Osaka’s Margarita Azul

Margaritas with Infused Tequila

Complimentary homemade tortilla chips and salsa helped tide us over as our mouths watered watching the fish taco preparations at the bar. While ZB snacked on the edamame – extracting soybeans from the pods keeps the little one quite busy! – Josh and I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed some margaritas. After a bad tequila incident when I was younger, I typically shy away from margaritas. But my intuition urged me to try the margarita azul. Add Pepe Osaka’s homemade pineapple infused tequila, and I was far from disappointed. I can’t wait to go back for another margarita. Josh – always looking to spice things up – sipped on a margarita gold with jalapeño and habanero infused tequila. Judging by the twinkle in his eyes, he too found a new favorite cocktail. And if margaritas aren’t your thing, Pepe Osaka’s Fish Taco has an impressive assortment of quality tequilas from which to choose (as well as other delicious drinks such as flavored aguas frescas).

Pepe Osaka's Fish Tacos
Pepe Osaka’s Fish Tacos


We accepted the happy hour menu’s offering of teriyaki chicken tacos and spicy pork tacos. But I couldn’t resist also ordering the ahi poke ceviche fish tacos. I mean, we were at a fish taco restaurant after all. All the tacos – even those on the happy hour menu –were accompanied by rice and beans….and a plantain! What more could you ask for?!?

As we devoured our cuisine, the hunger pains were quickly replaced by deep satisfaction. And as we slurped up the last sips of our margaritas, the stress of the workweek melted away. Finally, the weekend had arrived. I can’t think of a better way to slough off any lingering worries than some tasty fish tacos and margaritas at Pepe Osaka’s Fish Taco Tequila Bar and Grill in Winter Park.

Pepe Osaka’s Fish Taco Tequila Bar and Grill | 78707 U.S. Highway 40 | Winter Park, CO 80482 | 970.726.7159 |

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