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Colorado Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Showshoeing Trails Near Denver

Winter is a spectacular time to visit the quiet of Colorado’s wilderness. With a little bit of preparation, and no matter what your skill level, many exciting activities await. Be sure to layer up with insulated waterproof clothing, wear sunglasses, use sunscreen, and carry plenty of food and water.

While it’s generally true that anyone who can walk can also snowshoe, snowshoeing will work muscles you never knew you had!  And cross-country skiing will make your fanny burn like no other!  We recommend that if you’re going snowshoeing or cross-country skiing for your first time that you accompany someone with experience.  You can get turned around easily in a snowstorm.

Also, if you’re taking your dogs snowshoeing or skiing with you, then you definitely want to pay close attention to their paws.  Dog’s paws can freeze up quickly. Consider spraying them down with PAM Cooking Spray (or purchasing dog booties), which will help repel water and ice.

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