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nomad: [noh-mad]


  1. a member of a people or tribe who move from place to place
  1. a person who continually moves from place to place; wanderer
A Colorado Nomad
A Colorado Nomad

When Josh and I met in college, he was already a nomad.  He explored all over, but mostly he wandered Indian Peaks Wilderness and the trails around Boulder.  Josh even wandered when he had a few too many beers, providing fodder for his friends to tease him.

After just a couple months together, Josh proposed that we tackle the nearly 500-mile Colorado Trail.  This was not a hard sell as my father instilled in me a love for the outdoors.  That summer was incredible.  Josh, a planner, charted out every day of the 6 weeks.  He even created elevation maps.  We made almost all our own food – freeze drying for months in preparation – and organized food drops every 5 to 7 days.  Living out of our backpacks was invigorating and empowering.  Only 3 showers later, we arrived in Durango.

Josh’s nomad spirit continues to thrive.  Every day he comes up with new adventures for us to embark upon.  And I feel so blessed for us to be able to wander together.

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