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Essential Oils: Experimenting with Ancient Medicine

My experimenting with essential oils first began when a prenatal yoga teacher suggested I try them. I added them to my homemade vinegar cleaning solution, diffused them in the air, and put a drop of lavender on the underside of my pillow.

But I was nervous. I knew that essential oils are potent and powerful. During a mini spa party at Moondance Botanical, I watched mesmerized as the employees conducted what looked like a science experiment. This all seemed way too much for me, having nearly failed biology class.

Essential Oil & Sage

Essential oils – or really Quintessential Oils – have ancient roots. They are portrayed as our first medicine in Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts. The Bible includes more than 100 references to them including frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, hyssop, and spikenard.  The oils derive from all different types of plant material.  (Source: Connie & Alan Higley, Reference Guide for Essential Oils, p7)


I found a renewed determination to learn about the oils and how to use them when a doctor told me to use DoTerra‘s essential oils as home remedies for my family. (I have also received recommendations for Young Living.  Tip: The better the quality of the oils, the more useful they can be.)

Day-by-day, I gain greater confidence in my knowledge with the help of a resource book.  Because, yes, I am a nerd and want to learn everything I can.  I test out different oils for headaches, face wash, stress-relief, plus lots more. And Josh reports less knee pain, which is pretty much a miracle.

But what I love most about essential oils is thinking about how ancient people used the same ingredients as medicine. Luckily, some things never change.

Liz PM

Liz was fortunate enough to grow up in Steamboat Springs and is proud to have thru-hiked the Colorado Trail. These days, in addition to mountain biking, hot springing, and photographing her way through the Centennial State, Liz teaches yoga and constantly inspires others to enjoy the finer points in life!

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