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Beer Review of the Month: Eddyline Pumpkin Patch Ale

Beer: Pumpkin Patch Ale
Brewery: Eddyline Brewing
Location: Buena Vista, Colorado
ABV: 5.5%
Rating: 6.5/10

Sixer of Tallboys
Sixer of Pumpkin Patch Ale Tallboys

As an ode to the beginning of fall, we grabbed a sixer of Eddyline Brewing Pumpkin Patch Ale tallboys. The brewery itself is one of Colorado’s gems. Liz and I have frequented both Buena Vista locations on numerous occasions while hiking 14ers and dipping in hot springs. I should also mention that Eddyline probably has some of the best label artwork around.

“Golden quaking aspens, a dusting of powder on the peaks, the first fire in the fireplace, and a full moon represent Harvest time. Celebrate the bountiful season with our Pumpkin Patch Ale made with real pumpkin, spices, and honey. May your harvest be one filled with richness!” – Eddyline Brewing

I couldn’t wait to pour the full pint. Right from the crack of the can I felt my olfactory system light up. The beer has a nice pumpkin pie aroma with pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and allspice. It pours with a light, slightly bubbling, earthen head.

The beer first hits your tongue with a sweet honey and pumpkin blend. By the time it reaches your stomach the spices really kick in – a little too much for my liking. But I’m rarely a fan of pumpkin-style ales, and this one surpasses most.  Overall, it’s an enjoyable beer to sip while reminiscing about our many drives over Cottonwood Pass.

Eddyline Pumpkin Patch Ale
Eddyline Pumpkin Patch Ale

p.s. Go Broncos!!!  Cincinnati ain’t got nothing.  😉

Josh T

Josh is a native son and big fan of pack burro racing. He thru-hiked the Colorado Trail, loves running and biking, and is passionate about sharing his favorite journeys and experiences with others. You can typically find Josh out exploring the less beaten paths under Colorado’s sunny skies.

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