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Happy Hour at Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House in Five Points

Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House

After spending more than an hour debating the best happy hours in Denver – with criteria ranging from location, cheap prices, good food, and a wide selection of drinks, two friends from work settled on Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House in the historic Five Points neighborhood just north of downtown. The two multiplied to four, including me, and we headed over to Dunbar after work to blow off some steam and catch up with one another.

Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House
Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House

Dunbar Kitchen’s Food

Eager for some girl time, and to get a drink, I quickly entered the unassuming street front and bee-lined it to the back where my friends had posted up at a table. They had already ordered food and drinks off the happy hour menu, and I followed suit. I devoured the Asian Pork Sliders and savored the sweet and tangy taste in my mouth. With my tummy satisfied, I was able to lean back in my chair, sip on my blood orange wheat beer, nibble on the shared Falafel Balls and Grilled “Pita-Za,” and enjoy the company of my good friends. It took less than an hour at Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House to make me happy.

“Best Happy Hour in Five Points” – Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House

Dunbar's Patio
Dunbar’s Back Patio

Inside the Tap House

As the rush of the day diminished, mindfulness set in and I began appreciating my surroundings. I was surprised by the unique art displayed throughout the bar, a different theme or style of creativity for each seating area – and all worth contemplating over a drink and some conversation. The center of Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House is a beautiful bar that demands respect. A patio in the backyard allows you to soak up rays with outdoor seating. It is hard to find a bar with all these offerings, but the best part is yet to come.

Off to one side of Dunbar, you can discover a piece of Denver’s past. The stained glass window from a barbershop that once resided on the same premises years ago.

Barber ShopThe Historic Five Points Neighborhood

Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House is located in Denver’s historic Five Points Neighborhood just northeast of downtown. In 1871, Denver’s first urban railroad, the Denver Horse Railroad Company, connected downtown to Five Points. The neighborhood also boasts another Denver first; in 1868, Samuel Curtis donated nearly 2 ½ acres for the establishment of Denver’s first public park, Curtis Park.  Five Points is best known for its jazz and rich African-American culture.

Happy Hour from 2:30 to 6:30pm Daily

When the bill arrived, my friends and I couldn’t believe how little we accumulated on our tab. Happy hour at Dunbar with my girlfriends not only made my soul happy, it made my pocketbook happy. I can’t wait to try Dunbar’s Brunch!

Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House | 2844 Welton Street | Denver, CO 80205 | 720.630.7641

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