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Celebrate Life with a Dinner Club

Years ago, I worked for a judge who, along with his wife and several other couples, belonged to a Gourmet Group as they called it – a sort of dinner club. The group rotated between houses, with the host making an extravagant meal. They even compiled cookbooks full of their favorite recipes. The Gourmet Group is still going strong after more than 30 years!

Impressed with the idea, we started our own dinner club with three other couples. Like the judge’s gourmet club, our group rotates between houses every two to three months. And instead of the host being in charge of everything, the host is responsible for picking a theme and the main dish. The other couples pick between bringing an appetizer, a side dish, and a dessert or whatever is appropriate for the theme.

Dinner Club Meeting
Dinner Club Meeting

This year marks our 6th anniversary! We have had some fun, creative themes….and amazingly never repeated one. Of course we have done Mexican, French, Italian, and Spanish food. We’ve enjoyed sushi, Korean, Argentinian, Canadian, and most recently Moroccan themes. Some of our more creative ideas so far have been one-pot dishes, fondue, and gourmet 7-11 (think hotdogs, slushies, and Twinkies but with a delicious boost). Everything is homemade, and our friends are incredible chefs.

It is always nice to kick back with old friends, enjoy a couple libations, feast on great food, and celebrate life. The recent Moroccan theme brought us to our friends’ rooftop patio. The evening was gorgeous and thankfully just cool enough to sit outside. As we caught up over appetizers – meat cigars, humus, veggies, and pita bread – and drinks, the sun’s last rays lit up the puffy clouds in the sky. We were graced with a brilliant rainbow….that turned into a DOUBLE RAINBOW! Then the first rainbow transformed and appeared to be two rainbows layered on top of one another! Pure peace and joy.

Rooftop Patio Evening

Do you have fun traditions with your friends?   Please share by replying below – we would love to hear from you!

Liz PM

Liz was fortunate enough to grow up in Steamboat Springs and is proud to have thru-hiked the Colorado Trail. These days, in addition to mountain biking, hot springing, and photographing her way through the Centennial State, Liz teaches yoga and constantly inspires others to enjoy the finer points in life!

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