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Return of the Food Trucks: Denver Civic Center EATS

Civic Center EATS

Civic Center EATS returns this week – and I can’t wait to enjoy lunch outside in downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park again! With so many food trucks lining both sides of the north-south promenade, everyone can find something to suit their fancy – whether you’re a foodie or just want a burger. (Or ice cream!) Civic Center EATS boasts that it is the largest gathering of gourmet food trucks and carts in the Metro Denver area.

Civic Center EATS

A few handfuls of tables with umbrellas can be found in between the food trucks. Most often, my friends and I find a shady spot under a tree or sit on the steps of the Greek Theater, which also has some umbrellas scattered about. The live music and sun rays help me forget that, in time, I must return to an office building… ☹

When to Catch the Trucks

The 12th annual Civic Center EATS kicks off Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Until October 5th, you can sample Denver’s best traveling cuisine on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11am until 2pm. (Except June 1; July 4; August 9, 30, 31; and September 5.)

Civic Center Park Voorhies Memorial
Voorhies Memorial

Historic Heart of Denver

It is hard to find a better lunch spot in downtown Denver than Civic Center Park. Together with Liberty Park (east of Broadway), Civic Center Park sits at the center of Colorado’s most prominent government buildings. The State Capitol and its golden dome is to the east, the Colorado Supreme Court’s columns southeast of the park, the Denver Public Library’s Central Branch can be found just to the south, and, of course, the iconic Denver City and County Building to the west. Other notable cultural buildings and monuments around Civic Center Park include the Denver Art Museum, Greek Theater, Wellington Webb Municipal Building, Pioneer Monument, Voorhies Memorial, and the “Broncho Buster” and “On the War Trail” statues.

As far as street directions, this beautiful Denver park is located between Bannock Street (west) and Broadway (east), and Colfax (north) and 14th Avenue Parkway (south). The 16th Street Mall is just a short walk north.

Denver Civic Center EATS
Denver Civic Center EATS

Community Events for Everyone @ Civic Center Park

Civic Center Park is a 12-acre urban open space with beautiful architecture.  Carefully designed, the centrally-located park encourages community. In 2012, Civic Center Park became Denver’s first National Historic Landmark. Although the park has already become the heart of downtown Denver with events like Civic Center EATS, films, concerts, and Civic Center MOVES (as well as offering a home to the Occupy Denver’s encampment and a gathering place for the recent Women’s March), the Civic Center Conservancy strives to do even better. The nonprofit believes the “historic vision and full potential [of the park] have yet to be realized.”

If all the amazing Colorado heritage, open space, culture, and food was not enough to convince you to check out Civic Center EATS, a portion of the proceeds supports the revitalization efforts of the Civic Center Conservancy.

Civic Center Park’s “historic vision and full potential have yet to be realized.” – Civic Center Conservancy

Civic Center EATS gives the busy little worker bees, who spend their weekdays in downtown Denver, a great excuse to get some fresh air and sunshine. And if you are visiting Denver, you too should hit up the food trucks while exploring all that downtown offers.

Civic Center EATS |  Civic Center Park, Denver, CO | | 303.861.4633

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