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Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado (Mt. Princeton)

About Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado (elevation 7,965’) sits in the heart of the Arkansas River Valley. The name “Buena Vista”, Spanish for “Beautiful View,” can often be heard pronounced by locals as “Biewna Vista.”

Settlers drawn to the area by plentiful water, which made the land great for growing hay and other higher altitude crops, first settled it in 1864. Travelers, speculators, and miners traveling up the Upper Arkansas Valley toward Leadville made Buena Vista a popular stagecoach stop. A railroad depot was constructed in Buena Vista during the 1890s. The valley’s agricultural economy has made the area more resistant to the ‘boom, bust’ cycle of nearby mining towns (such as Leadville).

Buena Vista is located in central Colorado roughly halfway between Salida and Leadville. The area between Buena Vista and Salida is often referenced because of its historic railroad roots, which include the likes of the Denver & Rio Grande, South Park & Pacific, and Colorado Midland railroads. Many of the existing buildings of Buena Vista date back to this era, and were built in the 1880s and 1890s.

Today, Buena Vista is an outdoor enthusiast’s magnet. With two hot springs, Princeton Hot Springs and Cottonwood Hot Springs, numerous 14ers, jeep tracks, river rafting, fishing, camping, skiing, and biking and hiking trails, there are endless adventures that await you.

Nearby Towns

  • Leadville, CO
  • Fairplay, CO
  • Salida, CO

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Map of Buena Vista, Colorado

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