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Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery

Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery

Upon entering Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery, you’ll inevitably be met by the smell of fresh pizza dough and loud rock n’ roll.  I walked into a smooth guitar solo when I recently visited. Like the rest of Ridgway, the brewery has a laid-back, warm atmosphere. On the corner of Clinton and N. Cora Street, Colorado Boy is just off the main street in a 100-year-old brick building. Their operation is modest and partially self-contained because they incorporate wind-powered electricity and solar collectors to heat water used for brewing. Seating is definitely intimate–a combination of booths and a small, oldstyle bar.

“Colorado Boy is a wee humble pub in a wonderful 1915 brick building in the old section of downtown Ridgway. The brewery is in full view from the antique oak bar, so that you can watch the brewing process while enjoying your pint…All spent brewing grain and yeast is fed to local cattle. ” – Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery

High quality and affordable, Colorado Boy’s menu has a wide array of pizza along with salads, desserts, and appetizer options. Each pizza is made to order on a house-made dough that is aged overnight for deeper flavor. Each pizza is ten inches, with a gluten-free option available, and every ingredient combination capitalizes on intense, savory, and complementary flavors. The Rustica is one I always go back to, featuring garlic infused oil, cheese, peppers, capocollo, and gorgonzola.

The beer selection is small but direct, showcasing five to six beers at a time, with one or two available on cask. I highly recommend the IPA if you like a hoppy flavor, or taste the Irish Red if you want something slightly less bold but flavorful. The brew equipment is main stage in the tiny dining room, just beside the bar. Questions are always welcome, as the staff is highly knowledgeable about both the brewery and the food.

Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery | | 602 Clinton St., Ridgway, Colorado | 970-626-5333

Hours: M-F 4PM to 9 PM
Sat-Sun 12PM – 9 PM
You can also check out Colorado Boy’s Montrose location!

Diana Reiter

A Colorado native, Diana is based on the Western Slope. Much of her free time is spent outdoors exploring the unique landscapes of Colorado or enjoying good food and drink with friends. She is an avid photographer and has been writing for ten years.

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