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Cool Off at Centennial Center Park’s Splash Pad

Sticky with a concoction of sunscreen, sweat, and pet fur, we naturally gravitated toward visiting the splash pad at Centennial Center Park a couple weekends ago.  ZB, our daughter, fancies herself a little Nemo so it didn’t take much convincing her to search for a water adventure. Centennial Center Park’s splash pad offers us big kids an opportunity to appreciate childhood memories – to daydream of running and giggling around the sprinklers in the yard when we were little.

Centennial Center Park
Centennial Center Park Playground

What You’ll Find at Centennial Center Park

Centennial Center Park is one of the best summer parks in the Denver metro area. The 11-acre park in the southeast suburbs of Denver has playgrounds for little ones, toddlers, and bigger kids. It even has adult playgrounds (i.e. manmade bouldering walls) – there are climbing areas for all ages. Sunshades and tarps cover grassy knolls and park and picnic benches – an ever-growing necessity with Colorado’s intense sun.

For parties or gatherings, you can reserve one of several areas, and there are barbecue grills and gas fireplaces. Centennial Center Park also boasts a beautiful amphitheater for shows (and rental). But the best part is how Centennial Park weaves Colorado geography and history into the outdoor adventure. Illustrations, etchings, quotes, and trivia can be found throughout the park.

“Best Playground” – 5280 Top of the Town (2014)

Centennial Center ParkCentennial Center Park’s Splash Pad

But we came for the H2O. The centerpiece of Centennial Center Park in the summer (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day) is the splash pad…with more water features than you can count. As I scouted out the perfect shady spot near the splash pad, Josh tried to keep up with ZB while she bee-lined it for the water. ZB was particularly interested in the replica stream zig-zagging its way through the area – and the drains where the water was deepest, of course. She also enjoyed cajoling her dad into holding her under the twin tulips. Once the tulip sculptures were full with water, they  tipped, leaving those directly underneath completely drenched. Not a bad way to cool off on hot summer days!

Centennial Center Park | 13050 E. Peakview Ave. | Centennial, CO 80111 | 303.325.8000

Centennial Center Park Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall

Liz PM

Liz was fortunate enough to grow up in Steamboat Springs and is proud to have thru-hiked the Colorado Trail. These days, in addition to mountain biking, hot springing, and photographing her way through the Centennial State, Liz teaches yoga and constantly inspires others to enjoy the finer points in life!

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