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88 Drive-in Theatre

The 88 Drive-in Theatre is celebrating its 40th season in Colorado! How could you possibly pass up a chance to back up your Subaru Outback or Toyota Tacoma and take in two movies for the price of one? (You probably don’t belong in Colorado unless you own one of these vehicles! Let’s face it, your bike is probably worth more than your car too!)

88 Street Drive-in Entrance
88 Street Drive-in Entrance

We just caught two films at the 88 Street Drive-in last weekend and reveled in all of the pure nostalgia it had to offer. Long gone are the days of most of its competition.  Anyone who grew up in the Denver area likely remembers the drive-in off of Santa Fe that was torn down about a decade ago.  Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy Denver’s open air. You never know when opportunities like 88 Street will cease to exist.

The 88 Street Drive-in has the ultimate gut-busting snack bar to boot.  We loaded up on funnel cake and twisted pretzel dogs. I’m going to have to run twice as many miles this week to keep from expanding my belt out another loop. The funnel cake in particular was worth every calorie!

Waiting for the Dark
Waiting for the Dark

Additionally, there’s just something about getting to the theater early and having suspense build while you’re waiting for the dark to roll in.  Whether you’re looking for a night out with the family or a unique date night, I highly recommend journeying over to 88 Drive. Taste the grit and dust of the parking lot as the evening breeze occasionally flares up, escape the city while you’re in the middle of it, and enjoy your journey as you wind back the hands of time!

Here’s how to find the 88 Drive-In Theatre:

The theatre is located at 8780 Rosemary Street (the corner of 88th Ave and Rosemary St.) in Commerce City, 80022.

Generally, it is 2 blocks east of I-76 on 88th Avenue.

. . . from Interstate 76, take the 88th Avenue exit, and go east 1/2 mile

or . . . click this Google Map Link to get directions.

Josh T

Josh is a native son and big fan of pack burro racing. He thru-hiked the Colorado Trail, loves running and biking, and is passionate about sharing his favorite journeys and experiences with others. You can typically find Josh out exploring the less beaten paths under Colorado's sunny skies.

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